Monday, 24 March 2014

Stage 1 - Construction

Today we have started to put our robot together and developed a masterpiece line follower.
 We used:
2 Motors
1 light sensor
3 wheels(2 big, 1 small)
combining components

We used all of these parts to create our line follower and the principle was that the light sensor detects the line and then works both the motors which rotate the wheels. The small wheel is used to help the line follower to rotate 360 degrees. When the light sensor doesn't detect the line one of the motors stop and the robot spins around until it finds the line again.
This is what we have made and in the next blog we will make a more developed version of the line follower where we will be using 2 light sensors and increasing its speed. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


This blog will go through a series of steps of how to make a link follower. We will be using an NXT microcomputer to run the programme on and it will control certain components such as the motor, light sensor, touch sensor and many more. next week we will see the first stage of the NXT being built.